May 19, 2017

5star Albufeira experience

   Some of you might already know, some of you not but we decided on very spontaneous trip to Albufeira about 3 weeks ago. Cheap flights and great hotel prices let us enjoy our stay in one of the biggest resorts I have ever been to. We only went for 3 days, so instead of actually calling the post Albufeira experience, I decided to concentrate on the hotel itself. Nearly all the pictures you will see in that post are taken in the resort (including beach). Enjoy.

  We also visited Albufeira Town which is based around 20 minutes walk from the Resort. One is for sure, Portuguese men started already their hunting season and They are flirting with literally every female customer in the restaurants. And you can't just tell your waiter to f*ck off really :P

  Even though we had really short stay I must say I think Albufeira is more interesting than Portimao. Obviously Praia da Rocha is a beautiful beach and it's a huge tourist area but I find Praia da Oura or Praia de Santa Eulália more private, more pretty. It's to experience yourself I guess.

  Now it's time to come back to Portugal to Faro and Porto cause what kind of exploring of a country it is, if you keep coming to the same place? ;)

  Anybody wants to join to explore new destination? ;)

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