May 19, 2017

5star Albufeira experience

   Some of you might already know, some of you not but we decided on very spontaneous trip to Albufeira about 3 weeks ago. Cheap flights and great hotel prices let us enjoy our stay in one of the biggest resorts I have ever been to. We only went for 3 days, so instead of actually calling the post Albufeira experience, I decided to concentrate on the hotel itself. Nearly all the pictures you will see in that post are taken in the resort (including beach). Enjoy.

  We also visited Albufeira Town which is based around 20 minutes walk from the Resort. One is for sure, Portuguese men started already their hunting season and They are flirting with literally every female customer in the restaurants. And you can't just tell your waiter to f*ck off really :P

  Even though we had really short stay I must say I think Albufeira is more interesting than Portimao. Obviously Praia da Rocha is a beautiful beach and it's a huge tourist area but I find Praia da Oura or Praia de Santa Eulália more private, more pretty. It's to experience yourself I guess.

  Now it's time to come back to Portugal to Faro and Porto cause what kind of exploring of a country it is, if you keep coming to the same place? ;)

  Anybody wants to join to explore new destination? ;)

May 8, 2017

Gran Canaria

Finally I have found a bit of time with myself and a laptop and a bit of motivation to share some pictures from Gran Canaria. We had our last holidays together. I guess It's a time for totally new adventures now. And they began when this year started. Big project is coming up soon. But meanwhile in progress, enjoy views of beautiful Gran Canaria at the beginning of March.

 The weather at arrival wasn't the best, Las Palmas is famous from ,,donkey's belly" as our guide explained, basically over Las Palmas there is always certain amount of heavy clouds welcoming surprised tourists. That's why if you craving sun only Maspalomas is the place to go.

 The view from the rooftop of our hotel. Pleasant stay but food was greasy and below average 3star. At the end we agreed that full board option in that hotel is just not worth it.


 We bought a cheap whole day tour around the best beaches in Gran Canaria. I don't have to add that in low season the main percentage of people is over 60? So surrounded by Seniors we were exploring Gran Canaria by bus. Our first stop was a desert in Maspalomas! If you would like to know more about how the desert actually appeared right by the ocean I recommend the article: CLICK

 Playa de Amadores. Beautiful. Clear water, clean sand, awesome landscape, a lot of activities and shops HIDDEN from the first sight makes the place look amazing.

 Puerto Rico. I think one of the most famous tourist places to stay. I have no idea why! It's way worse than placed few kilometers away Playa de Amadores. I have found this place not interesting at all.

 Parque de Santa Catalina. 30 minutes walk from our hotel to find a lovely, green garden in the middle of the city. It is a nice break from exploring but also from lying on the beach for the whole day. Just something different.
 Small break for big dreams.. George at his best.

 Heeey! We are going on a whole-day trip into mountains!

 A lovely small village in the middle of mountains called even better - Teror. It's placed around 15km from Las Palmas on 540m above the sea level. It was our first stop where we could enter Basilika "Nuestra Señora del Pino" which was rebuilt couple of times and as a guide said, will be probably again in couple of years because of the ground the village is based on. As you can see Basilica also (it's a white building with brick-based, brown tower) is made of two architecture styles and it is because the Church itself was built into the towers of the old Church that fell apart earlier on.

 Tejeda. Almond sweets homemade in that small village made the place famous. It is really sall place in the middle of mountains. However, the cookies and cakes all smell and look amazing,the taste is rather average, like any almond sweets you can get in the shops. But how not to look at it, It's amazing when you think that human hands can pick up almonds, peel them, get them ready, process and then bake into literally anything.

 Next stop was a trekking to Roque Nublo, which top is reaching 1813m above the sea level. It's intermmediate level of difficulty as it gets very rock'y at times. You start trekking in beautiful green, forrest-y area and you finish in Mars-looking landscape. But it is really amazing and the views are just must-see!
On the way to Coffee, wine, oranges plantation...

Agaete. We had a great time there cause it was a food time! Except the lunch baguette with local cheese or meat spread we all received samples of local mineral water, oranges, wine, coffee and short bread and cakes and cheese. Amazing isn't it? Good occasion to try home made, local products. We loved the wine, we got a bottle!

We also visited Puerto de Mogan which is the heart of markets and annoying people screaming BUY THIS! CHEAP! IT'S GOLD! I heard Irish people love it, oh well, I didn't as much. Beautiful views and small port make the place special, also area called ''small Venice'' make a first good impression. However, this is very very touristic place and even though we have been there in March early hours, it was already full of tourists and annoying sellers. Puerto de Mogan is the only place in Gran Canaria where you can experience submarine trip.

Summarizing, I really enjoyed my stay in Gran Canaria even though it was in March. The weather - as you can see on the pictures - was pleasant and I wonder how many tourists have to be there during a peak season if sometimes you couldn't move freely around! Beautiful island, have a lot of more to offer than only beaches and parties, if someone would like to also explore and experience something more than getting a tan then this is the place I would highly recommend to you.