Jan 11, 2017

London 2016

Now, most of you will probably hate me for this post but this is just my private experience that I have got in recent trip to London. We arrived in still morning hours to welcome bad traffic from Stansted to London City where we had to take a subway to get to our first travel destination - Shrek Adventure and London Eye placed nearby all other attractions like Big Ben.
 First pictures as soon as you see it- done
 I expected really - I don't know why - that water in main river going through the whole London, being one of tourist attractions, will be less polluted and em.. brighter than brown-ish.
 Big Ben it is. Huge tower when you stand close by it and look up you can get a bit dizzy.
 Shrek adventure- that was fun! If I would be 10 years younger it would be incredible experience for me but was fun then anyways! And then photo shoot with different animation scenes...
Everything seemed to be so grey. maybe because of autumn and huge amount of pollution which is kinda understandable when you are going to see such a metropolis.However it does make a impression on you.

  Wax museum... People are queuing for ages just for that and I gotta tell you, indeed, there is a lot of great quality wax figures, sometimes details are incredible!! But I think It was anything better than Wax museum in Dublin we have been to twice!!! Much cheaper and bigger too? But I guess that's already kinda brand issue - when some brand gain a value then prices go up. Definitely not worth a second visit, however, a nice experience.

Best part of London appeared in dark. When the christmas lights brighten up the streets it felt really awesome. Cork is definitely very far away from that huge electricity bill. It's totally worth it though.

This was totally.. not worth it? Basically what it is - You get a lift up - you having a 2 minutes talk about the place - you take a pictures - toy go down and go home. If you visit London and you are in hurry - just drop it. You will literally see 2 rooms and two tunnels with a bit of glass in the floor.
And this was it. This was the most important point of the whole tour for me. As we don't have anything like that in Ireland. Jamie's Oliver Restaurant. I managed to pick up the best dish and drink from all three we ordered so I was very happy. Now time for Gordon Ramsay's restaurant anytime soon.. I now, I am getting spoilt.

In general, the trip was very intensive and fast so we were basically running from place to place to see as much as possible so we couldn't fully enjoy it until we got some good sleep. Definitely it was time worth spend with my friends I know for a long time and we usually don't have a time to hang out together. As they say, I might get into the Paris syndrome with London (London syndrome) [ psychological disorder exhibited by some individuals when visiting or vacationing to Paris, as a result of extreme shock resulting from their finding out that Paris is not what they had expected it to be - wikipediawhich I really regret cause It was on my bucket list for such a long time.

Oh well, there is always another time to go, maybe different season of the year London would greet me much better :)

11 days after New Years I wish you all Happy New Year lol.

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