Jan 11, 2017

Ibiza 2016

Ibiza was more pretty than Portugal but first 3 days we were just sleeping and dying around our hotel. Why dying? We have no idea until now why we were completely out of energy so we suffer lack of photos as well. Well, there is no much to see in there to be honest, it's just night life place indeed.
 Our hotel area, swimming pool and tennis table.. It was really big place including mini golf and two bars, restaurant, it's own beach and beach volleyball
 I loved the idea of that restaurant. As you can see on the pictures they treat you nicely as you have choice you would like to have your drink delivered to the waterfront seats or into the special romantic place as this huge matressed bed. What if people will drink too much on that? Have to be really hot there..
 Night water taxi from San Antonio Bay to San Antonio in search for a nightlife.. What I mean by a nightlife? We went at 11pm and there was only people eating in the pubs not even thinking about pubs yet. Apparently, It's worth t enter the nightclub around 2-3am to expect some people in there. Also, the huge amount of clubs in there and high prices make people choose only special deal and cheaper offers not better quality or anything like that.
 Night out.
 Next day we went for cruise party which means basically a party on the boat. We had to go tired and hangovered from one part of Ibiza to another just to get that boat from there. Was it worth? For me not. It lasted only 2-3 hours, people started throwing up when we barely left the coast and maybe I was just tired from last night but for me partying in the full sun in 35*C is just not fun anymore?
 A bit of San Antonio and water taxi during the day.. such a clever solution!!!!
 Then we tried parasailing. The most terrifying thing in my life. And it was MY idea to actually do it. F*cking hell. I thought we will be up maybe 50 meters, not 200. Every wind blow increased my blood pressure by 100 :D Good to remember but never ever again :D
Awesome face, and wtf with this legs.
 San Antonio coast is quite pretty if you think about all those boats going through daily there is a lot of fish in there and water is warmer than the air. You just don't want to leave the water once you go in.
 Hahaha that is just a prove for me how my diet and exercises died within those 14 days of holidays. Constant eating and trying new things overtook amount of walking and exploring. As you see my beach body is more like bigbellybody but I am back to work on it.
And this was small tour around San Antonio and San Antonio Bay as those were the places we have seen the most of. Summarizing if I would go there, like, 4 years ago I would probably rock every night and enjoy myself as a crazy party monster but now as my life changed so much and I am different person now it was just quite not my 'spot'. Obviously, beautiful beaches, prefect weather and great water makes this place great for a holiday escape but If you look for a good restaurants, reasonable prices and calm night walks around the beach, maybe you should to pick up resort different than San Antonio. 

Thanks for being with me, Gosia 

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