Jan 19, 2017

Dieting. Find your golden middle.

    It has been a while already since I wanted to write this post but every time I stopped myself. It's 7.40am I am sitting here in my bathrobe, finishing my coffee and getting ready for breakfast. 9am start my training and 3pm go to work.
    Then I think about my last dedication to training and healthy lifestyle. It was 8 months of constant work to see any result. Regular meals, small every four hours bla bla, It's ended up being a bad idea and very slow results. 8 months?! I should to look like secret model by then not like a chubby kid with a little bit of shape. So, what was wrong? That whole dieting thing is driving me crazy. While doing the research all over the Internet you can find out million THE BEST ways to loose weight, how to eat, what to eat, when to eat etc. It is so frustrating for me to find a golden middle from thousands vlogs from trainers, fit women and dietitians.
   One say: ,,All you have to do is to give up processed food and you will start loosing weight!" - Nope. You won't. Of course if you lived on happy meal everyday before you will start loosing but if your lifestyle is already quite healthy it is not going to happen. ,,Drink 2,5l of water...." and here we have another thousands of videos and sources to tell you which water is the best, when and how much you should to drink at once, why, when, how... From all those vlogs I took the middle- 2l of water everyday as a clean water + obviously green tea, some smoothie a day if possible or vegetables containing big % of water. ,,Eat 6 small meals a day'' - This is the biggest fairy tale I still see in a lot of videos. Please don't let yourself believe that more often you will be eating your metabolism will be faster. Like, there is no science proves for that at all it's just something that sounds smart but really never worked. And small meals.. What doesn't mean small meal? What is small enough? An apple? Or a sandwich? Should I put proteins, carbs and fats in all those meals? In some parts of Asia, people are eating only one meal per day. ONE. And they still more skinny than you, healthier. India people for example don't suffer from cancer! Why? Because they still take in their daily amount of nutrition, calories and micro elements. Using spices and natural herbs, natural food, help your body to speed up digestion.
   So yea.. as many sources you got that many answers you will get. There is some people who tried that all. Who went from radical diets to more common-sense diets and nothing helped, people who went from meat to vegan to find out that is not helping in loosing weight. So where you can find your golden middle? Well, that is totally up to you. No one can tell you should to do this and that and you loose weight because I did it and It helped. Well as you can see every single body is different, has different digestion, different tolerance and intolerance, what about hormones, some of us suffer from hypothyroidism or had a surgery to remove gallbladder. You gotta find whatever work for you and make your own diet the way you like. Now, If you have no idea where to start, good idea would be a doctor. To make sure your blood, blood sugar, hormones are okay and you ready to even get into totally different lifestyle.

   I am not a specialist, I won't give you a perfect example of being fit, I won't advise you anymore. This all I wrote is based on Internet sources and YT research. I am struggling as same as you to find my "fit". Now it's up to you if you still decide to believe diet book-a-like advises or you take your new lifestyle in your own hands and try to find your own golden middle. Make it a happy journey for you, not a punishment.

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