Aug 26, 2016

Algarve in 6 days

   It is so hard to come back to old habits when you have spent two weeks away on holidays and then came back to work literally straight away for couple of days in a row with no break. Sometimes I feel like someone actually chewed me for a good while and then just left me hanging there with a last bit of energy. So yeah, come back to my workout routine or diet routine was really hard but I am already on it. I mean.. Today is a 4th day.. Out of ... 4 weeks.. but hey! Let's talk about good things... :D

   So, as some of you might know We went on holidays! Yaay! We spent 6 days in Portuguese Algarve. What do I think about it? Let's check using some better-looking pictures to tell you a bit.

 So we started our adventure in Algarve with a Jeep Off-Road Safari to visit the places we wouldn't be able to see by car or by bus. Views were indeed very good, however we already experienced more extreme off-road with my uncle in much higher mountains (Gorce) so It wasn't very 'Extreme' for us. It is definitely nice day out anyways and easy way to meet those suburbs we often skip while visiting countries.

 On the way was a lot of stops including trying a local alcohol and honey. They were so excited while talking about their local alcohol and let people try how it taste. It is actually pure BIMBER (Polish home-made very high-percentage alcohol).
  George with a jeep :)
 We reached the peak of our safari around 3pm - Foia, 904 m high. Couple nice views on the way.
   The next day morning we decided to see very popular caves in Algarve. It was totally different from what we have seen so far and very interesting. Small boat could get really close to the rocks and cliffs but also inside! As I thought we could use my camera on the way we have put it to waterproof drawer for the time of getting there just to find out we can stand up and take it from the drawer. We were stuck with two barely charged phones so pictures are not really the best quality..
 He was mad at me at this time 'cause I told him we are not renting a speedboat cause we can't even swim.
   Inside the cave.
   People leaving the caves before we get in.
  Big boy is not mad anymore on that one. I look like I weight 297457kg. 
  The rest of the day we spent on super-hot-super-sandy beach doing completely nothing :-)
  On the way back we decided to walk down all the way to the hotel. Weather was still hot but nice breeze appeared around 5pm so It was nice to just walk down. Traditional picture with palm.
   The size of them will never stop surprising me. Here, in the garden, they huge as well - but not damn tree-high!

  We reached our nearby's (I mean, place, we know how to back from :D) so George had to get some % before coming back to the hotel. The rest of the evening we spent playing darts and drinking some cocktails. 

 The next day We ended up in Lagos, the fourth tourist resort after Faro, Albufeira and Portimao. Actually It was very quick visit down there and spontaneous so we really didn't know where to go actually. Well, there was a Zoo Marine over there but how many zoo's we can see during one year.. So we decided to get a bit lost.. And we have found the best ice cream in Algarve! Just the best ;)
   We suck when it comes to that stick, people, we suck! We couldn't hold it properly to take pic. We tried that one like million times and there's still G's head on the letters, grrr! Next time we need a drone ;)
 On the way from Lagos. We were there by public bus, It only took us like 30 minutes to get and back from there and tickets were very cheap.

  Fifth day out of 6 (not whole 6 to be honest, more like.. 5,5 :)) we have spent in Aquashow Park in Albufeira mostly because of me. Yes, I wanted to interact with sea lions, I didn't care about anything else. I don;t have much pictures from out there because we were slightly busy (You had only 7 hours to ride and do everything and believe, in such a huge parks it is NOT enough!)
 G really wanted that picture. My small little baby. :P
  During lunchtime break. Then straight to swim :D
 Sea Lion. Such a beautiful animals! We had a small class about how long they live, what do they eat, why are they here what to do and what not to do while you are with them and then..
  Then I did it! I mean we did it! But I wanted it more ;) They are such amazing animals I can't even describe. Of course I know they were trained but very gentle and they are biting the ass! :P That was definitely nice experience that I will never forget. I wish I could do the same with dolphins at some stage but after that I really have no push :)

  Summarizing, 6 days in Algarve was definitely enough for us to visit this certain area. I think we complaint a bit too much on it because of the shitty room we got. Unfortunately after looking at some other hotels we just found out that all of them look like in PRL times (the times of Poland under communist regime between 1952 and 1989). Out one looked very nice from outside but inside well.. Let's leave it for a 'TOP 10 of the worst rooms you ever lived in' :) Food was kinds average for us. We like trying new things but It wasn't 'Wow' for us, even though everyday we ate something else.  I have decided to order more kids meals in restaurants! Portions are really big!

  If you are thinking of going to Algarve area, you are not renting the car to go around the whole country (We have Porto and Lisoba in our plans for city breaks, don't worry) then you shouldn't go there for more than 7 days unless you love just lying on the beach, getting a sunbath and swim in chilly ocean. It is a good spot for families with kids which for me is another minus cause you have no break from crying, noise and kids bombarding the hotel's pool all day long. 

  I hope you enjoyed my short post about this area of Portugal. Of course I am not able to include everything we have seen or everywhere we have been etc. so if you have any questions just go ahead and leave the comment :)

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