Jun 27, 2016

Few things in my opinion

1. If British people are really smart and happy to leave UE, why they still take a part in EURO2016???
EDIT:NOT ANYMORE :D Congratulations Iceland !
2. If British people are so sure of decision they made, why won't most of Eastern European people just move out day by day to different country with all savings they have in ENGLISH BANKS, with all properties they have in there renting double and just be proud of leaving the place where they don't want you - wait for it - They will come back to you on their knees begging you to come back and: clean their toilets, serve them in restaurant,clean their house or make them damn sandwich - because most of them can't even wipe their own ass themselves!
3.What are you so afraid of? It's not the end of the world, It's stupid people making stupid decisions, no one said there's gonna be repressions now. Oh wait, It would be fun If they would try to send back all extremists back to their countries starting from cutting their social benefits.. terrorist attack will start in 3..2..1..
4. British economy is already shot and it's dying lonely and slowly, but English are too proud to actually see it. I actually can't believe they are that `smart`
5.I don't know why I am bothered. Maybe because it is kinda TABU topic between people here in Ireland. I mean, of course, we share posts or leave posts and comments on social networks but we don't really talk about it on daily basis like at work or on the street. And it's not because someone is scared or not interested. People just decided to be gentle and by attitude they take they want to let you know that here - in Ireland - everything is like usual and you are not suppose to feel strange or uncomfortable because of the events in UK. You are a part of community - until you earn your money as everybody else, you don't harm anybody and have some 'craic' now and then you are a part of community. And that's what Irish people should be proud of. Not being a stereotypical haters who only point a finger at person and say 'you stole our jobs' lol. For every 'you stole our jobs!'that I have heard between social media I have an answer: If a foreigner with very basic language and most of the time not even certain skills or experience is getting a job instead of you - you should to work on yourself... No manager would hire person who would be useless for him - they wouldn't hire person barely speaking English if they wouldn't find her more valuable and effective. It is hard to understand or agree with that, I know.

This post is just my personal opinion.

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