May 12, 2016


Just now before I start my post - I have realized I haven't change a bit since like 2009 XD! My face my body my everything is just the same. The only things that changing are my clothes and haircuts which are not very visible as they're curly! :P Omg, I feel awful.. and young.. and old in the same time.. but let's move on.

At the end of April I managed to give myself a little break out of Ireland and ended up in Crete, Greece. It was only 6 full days but very actively spent and I needed another 2 days after coming back just to sleep and take rest :P

Very beautiful country, mad drivers, distanced people and - for me! - most of the food just NAAAH - unless someone is a big fan of huge amount of olive oil in every meal, olives itself, olive pastas for bread, olives in salads, olive in fishes etc. I am not a big fan of olives, taste and smell is awful so my diet was limited only to meals i checked before on the Internet :P Sorry for pics - most of them is taken by phone.

 That's a view for one of the three pools available in our hotel. Very nice and big, facing the restaurant and pub so you can sip your drink at the pool.

 Blue lagoon and G's Greek whiskey which he actually got drunk after.
View from our room was ekhem.. empty :D Except the sound of the sea waking you up or helping you fall asleep.

 Our first road trip took us to Kissamoss, small town nearby our hotel which was in Kolymbari area.
For G there's no fun without lunch time! So I got myself just a crepe with chicken, vegetables and spices and G ordered some Greek salad with bread. 
 Time to move on, let's go to Phalassarna.
 On the way through 'Ancient Phalassarna' phhh... I wonder where cause there was really nothing expect the strong wind and nice views :P

And of course the beach after some walk. Wind didn't let us stay too long.

Then we decided on trip to Elafonissi. On the way there we managed to take a turn in 'U' shape instead of 'V' shape and that's how we ended up off road. 
Of course even in the middle of nowhere there will be some taverna that don't let you starve..
It ended up to be my best place in Crete we have seen. Beautiful views with stairs up to taverna, if you manage to pass it a bit more higher you get into the cave almost on the top of that mountain. And the weather was so good for us back then. After driving another 1,5h in mountains we finally found the good way to the Elafonissi beach...
...which didn't really make me feel amazed. Of course water is clear as nowhere I have seen before but It's also because the sand is white and there's only shallows. Also, we got there in the middle of incredible wind that I think could affect my opinion. 

Now there's time for the beach of the year..
 First we headed to Gramvoussa, a pirate fort. Then we headed to Balos Lagoon.

... which was very windy again but water was so nice and warm that people were walking in the upper body covered.. like me on above pictures. It was crazy we got so many windy days even though I was aware that It might happen on the West Coast, after going to East we saw REAL waves and wind.. I guess it was just our luck.

No trip would be complete without George's idea coming true so..
They are most expensive pictures in my life so better appreciate them hahaha

And most pretty town I have seen so far.. Chania.
 But they could reduce the amount of cars in there.. It wasn't even high season but amount of tourists and cars was already ridiculous so imagine..
Much more when you visit yourself... :->

And few pictures from canyon and Kournas lake we also visited...:
We were meant to see turtles in there but well.. I guess it's my luck.. so maybe next time and somewhere else :P 

Generally We went to few more places of course but I think those ones are most interesting to mention. If you ask me If I would come back I would say yes but with better car to hit that off roads and probably on a southern east side of island.
Now we are getting ready for two new trips planned for July and early August and in October I am going to Poland for a week for my birthday yaaay! It will be the last trip anywhere before we start planning for... exactly, for what? Do you know? Do you have any ideas what is my plan to go to next year? :-)
If you are interested in the way that this blog is going to just let me know.. Any suggestions, changes or recommendations for places to visit will be appreciated and considered :)
P.S. You don't have to say ,,buy new camera!!'' cause I am actually in process to get one! :D