Feb 8, 2016

Living in Ireland nowadays

  It's been a good while already since my adventure with Ireland began. In that weather conditions we experience today It's very easy to think 'Why did I choose Ireland?! Why couldn't I go to find a job in Spain or wherever is warm and sunny and there's no several storms one after the other within the winter time!?' *sneez* *blowing my nose* *clearing throat*

  It happened. I am going to be an au-pair in Cork. It was 2012, first year of college behind me so summer time I am going to spend within Irish people. Maybe I can improve my English, meet new people and get experience in childminding?
  My perfect match was a first match. It's just because I applied only for one au-pair kind of job as the answer for the job announcement. I was like 'How big chances I have to get it anyway?' Few hours later first answer from my future host mom. But let's move on.
  When I first arrived to Ireland in 2011 to Dublin before I decided to go to college after all I wasn't impressed. That was nothing as fun I had in 2010. Maybe because back in 2010 I didn't have to look for a job I was in secondary school then visiting my brother, having fun and spending money. In 2011 I was focused on finding a job but.. I wasn't that confident with my language to be able to do that, no one really to talk to as my brother was working hard almost everyday. This fail ended after a month and I didn't think much about it at all. No any thoughts really.
But looking for a job a year later was focused only on Ireland again. Why? I don't know.Maybe It was just easier if you know where to look for, what to say.. Anyway I ended up as I said, finding a host family for summer.
  That was the most awesome summer that I have ever had. Beside ups and downs, all summers spend with crazy rebel people in Poland on concerts and bonfires. I can say It was my favorite and most memorable time in my life. My adventure started on my first day there and finished couple hours before departure to Poland. I met so much people in such a easy way, they all were just met mostly accidentally or through the Internet but they all were awesome! Crazy, funny individuals who loved a good party. I got into that so fast. I didn't even know when I became a part of the crew. I really miss those times sometimes and It only made me sure that I should to go back next year.
Would love to meet you anytime soon babe!

  And I did. Unfortunately, most of my friends living in Ireland back then back to their countries. It was mainly G's friends that I was hanging out with. At the beginning of course I was focused on looking for regular job but I ended up in my host family from year back after all when I met this great American girl. (I am trying to avoid names 'cause I don't know If am allowed to use them :P) So outgoing, crazy, open-minded person, I was really impressed first time I met her. We didn't spend much time together but we had a chance to talk a bit about differences between our lives.

  Time to go back to reality. I have graduated from college in 2014. I was focused, determined and ready for a job in Ireland. Saving up money in Poland is really hard for such a decision, I can tell you. Everything you actually saved up you gotta divide by four as polish currency is just four times less worth. So let's say you saved up 1600zl as a student working only part-time for 5zl per hour. You have barely 400 euro that allow you barely to rent the room in not-very-good condition. So if you have ever thought about coming to Ireland or UK without having any friends who will provide you accommodation be aware or high housing prices. And deposit. And bills. And internet. And TV if you want some. Without the full-time job is really hard here. Unless all you dream about is small 2x2 square meters room with mould on the wall and noodles everyday (3 pack for 1,49! :D). Now we have already 2016. Since summer 2015 I am working in one company mainly as a Barista. Thinking about it sometimes make me grateful for all the faith people had in me and for help they could provide. It would never work if they wouldn't be there for me.

  If there's something, Irish people love to complain about, it would be a government and customer service. And of course the last number one topic balancing between top 1 and top 2 - water charges - which is kinda connected to government issues. In my private opinion they are lovely people (well, most of them.. enemy of my enemy is my enemy! emm.. I mean.. enemy of my friend is my enemy :P) *sneez* *blowing nose* *clearing throat* I have few Irish friends that I can do a lot for. If you'd ever get in trouble - ring me haha :) But If I can say the truth - and that's again doesn't apply to everybody - Irish people are talkative, open-minded, creative, funny and warm people but very messy and loud. I think last two are just the results of their too-many good sides :D I don't want to sound rude. But so many times it happen they take a coffee shop for 5-star restaurant just to leave the Armageddon on and under the table couple minutes later. Of course as I said It doesn't apply to everybody - Thank God. Anyway bad or good I still have to live with them and accept their all characters which is not really hard once you find out their way of life.
  If there's something, Polish people love to complain about, it would be everything. No matter where you are, in which conditions, and what would happen, all you hear in Polish on the streets of Cork will be complain about something. I am finding myself doing that very often! I think it's not just our whim to do that, It's part of our character already that we cultivated in Poland. We just brought it with us and even if We try not to do that, promise ourselves that We won't.. It comes back :D

  Life in Ireland is not as complicated in Poland but It also isn't a honeymoon. You have to work hard for your money and you have to learn how to balance things. There's no point in saving up every euro. `Live life a little`. That's why you should spend some money on fun, entertainment and travels. Then I think.. It all makes more sense.. Cause working for the sake of working.. doesn't bring any good memories, won't make you to tell your grandchildren a great story from your beginnings in adulthood. Being independent and manage the things yourself could look very hard from the perspective of freshman but with the time that all is getting a part of your life and you just don't see what you were so afraid about. Millions of us still don't know what to do with our lives, what job we want to have, what to do, where to live. So don't bother yourself with such a questions yet and let it go as you did so far. And don't be afraid to ask If you don't know. The answer you will get may surprise you.