Jan 29, 2016


Hello people, long time no ...write :P
It's really hard to find the time for blogging when you are working full-time at work and at home! All you are thinking about it's a good wine and a movie in bed while house is cleaning up itself.
Of course, after a while of thinking about holidays as a trip to Poland only I've got an idea to choose different destination on my holiday-map.
Spending a lot of time (couple minutes :P) sitting in Poland during hot June I decided to go to Tenerife in Spain to enjoy myself and take a good rest.
It was my first independent trip out of Ireland and I am pretty proud of it. I have booked everything myself, picked up activities n stuff. Of course, my first planning wasn't the one of most awesome ones, but.. everybody learn on  their mistakes I guess.. So my next trip to Tenerife will be rich in different activities as I am gonna rent a car! Wherever you go people,if you can, rent a car!!!
Now a bit in pictures..

Above you can see my hotel and swimming pool which was in the middle of the resort with restaurant in some kind of cave - visible on second picture. It wasn't a bad hotel, we stayed in Hotel Albartos in Golf del Sur which is very quiet and VERY QUIET place with no much to do around. The biggest entertainment was a walk along the water and hotel resorts with a view of cliffs, rocky beaches and more hotels with nice boys and swimming pools.. I mean nice swimming pools and other tourists :P

The last picture shows a view for always hidden mountains in heart of Tenerife.

As we had some time left we decided to get into the bus and get to nearest village - El Medano - to explore. Well, there was no much to explore as you can see, so even a big choice in restaurants, just typical village in the middle of nowhere. I assume, only biggest cities as Puerto de la Cruz or Los Christianos could count on more amount of tourists so in there They jut didn't bother haha.

If we can do something very well, it's definitely eating. After buying so much groceries (we only had paid breakfasts) I realised we didn't use most of it at all as we didn't really spend too much time in our hotel. It was mainly evenings when we were already sorted with food. On the last picture you can see y favourite of them all meals - tuna - which was served with canarian style potatoes - cooked in sea salt - with canarian dips on side. Meals were not too expensive so we could handle to order in restaurants everyday.

We also managed to see Loro Parque and Siam Park in Tenerife. If I can be honest I will say Siam (Water) Park was way better as there's way more attractions for people at every age. Of course, nothing compares to dolphin or orca's shows that you can see such animals doing incredible things thanks to their trainers but It always makes me sad all those animals could live wild. I know they don't live very bad life in there but anyway. The worst were parrots (loro) sitting sad in small cages while even in our Fota Wildlife Park most of birds are left in huge fields with net on top to fly around. :( There was so so many tourists they could think about bigger cages for such a beautiful birds.

In summary, It wasn't bad first experience in Tenerife, Spain but way more to see next time. Of course, I didn't upload all the pictures and mentioned everything we saw but I don't want to make posts unnecessarily long. I hope you enjoy few pictures from out there and I hope I will be able to post few more from Tenerife in the future.

Now it's time to plan my holidays in Crete in April! :)

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