Apr 24, 2015

9 months later... :)

Hello pets! :)
  That's been ages since my last post so probably a little bit more to say.. or not really?
Who could take a guess that person like me will become a barista in a coffee shop? Haha well, I am sure I couldn't.

  20 days after my flight to Ireland I have found a proper job in a coffee and muffins shop where I started like everybody else - more like a floor staff than customer service assistant - and after 6 months of probation I have been asked to stay for longer, already experienced in making espresso based coffees and all that kind of stuff.

  Maybe my language is still full of mistakes but I keep watching Irish and English movies and reading in English as well. Lately, I have thought It might be a great idea to try to learn a bit more German again (First try was grand til I met my german teacher n highschool). I would be really happy with job I have but I feel like I need change.Well, I guess we all feel that sometimes. That we can achieve more and that is not the top of our ambitious.

  During my stay in Ireland, I have been to Poland only once - in November for couple of days without George, enough to make him sure that he needs me more than he thought. Now, we are planning to come to Poland in June together vis-a-vis my cousin's wedding. Hopefully it'll be nice holidays for us as I have spent all the money I saved for holidays on new TV for our new apartment :/
By the way, below you can see my dining room/kitchen before decorating and quite in a mess but have no actual pictures and kitchen is so far from my room to take new ones... :P

  Our Christmas, we have spent with George in his parent's house in totally different atmosphere than is in Poland this time. Of course, I am not saying it was better or worse but definitely different. Lots of food but no any even similar to the one we have on our tables on Christmas Eve. No any wishes, no special gifts.. Like any other day with huge dinner. I think our polish one is still more creative :)
What about Easter.. Well, we made it our own way. Since we have two other Polish roomates it was really easy for us to prepare proper Easter breakfast and.. nothing else because everybody was working then. Yeah.. I know right... Working on Easter and the day after is something definitely new for me :) 

We didn't spend our whole time only at work, we also went for few trips. Few pcitures in short and that's it for tonight. 

See you for another while people!