Jul 8, 2014

Getting ready - long term trip to Ireland.

I get bored really easily lately :P But also I had to get something to say before posting :)
In few points I will try to tell you how's the things.

1. Last Saturday I had the last occasion for (hopefully) long time to go for a trip with my parents and grandma. Ha, It wasn't really far or any fancy trip just out of town.
Ogrodzieniec Castle.
Of course in such a places there's always a lot a lot a looooot of people, which is quite annoying but well.. to be honest there's no too much places that people can go while spare time so always during the nice weather everywhere you go is always busy as heck. 

2.We have done it! I mean.. We graduated! Studies.. :) Yepp. Last  Friday was my final exam which I passed with A on a diploma! 3 years of wasting time for that paper. We will see if  It'll provide anything in the future. Quick shot of the first group:
I am definitely the shortest in this group!

3. I am already prepared for my travel to Dublin this Thursday. My main hand-luggage packed as much as it could be due the Ryanair restricitions and small handbag packed too. It's gonna be really hard for me to get the bus with such a heavy bags but hopefully I can make it one more time. I am leaving home on Thursday around 9am and gonna get plane around 11am. Will be so nice to be in the air again. Flying always relax me so much but hopefully there won't be too much kids in plane. In case I have my old phone back and headphones so I should be okay. From Dublin airport I need to catch a bus to Cork City. Should be there around 6pm, take a shower, eat something and go to town. 

4. Friday morning I need to go to the bank, open my first bank account in Ireland. Hopefully what I have is enough and will go through the process without any problems. 
At 2pm I have a interview for Sales Assistant position in Cork City. Can't wait for it but also, I am really nervous cause I don't even know what to expect! Hopefully will go good and I will get a job but even if no, well.. first time is always the worst and I know after this first interview will be better and better for me to look for the job there. Fingers crossed.

5. Saturday evening I will meet up with my great girls for a girly night out. Maybe cause of the firday experiences there will be a good reason to drink a bit more than usual? :)

6. Definitely gonna miss my reliance - Asia - that brought much more to my life than anyone could expect. Without her my faith during those 3 years would probably gone straight away. Sometimes studying has good sides too :P Asia has enough patience to achieve what she wants in life and travel around the worl whenever she wants but hopefully we will meet up at the middle of our lifes to take a break and have a chat about nothing like we used to. Or just laugh at somebody for no reason. 

7. My plan for the nearest future will be also an update for my current 'to do list'. Long story short:
- Wanna get nice, cheap apartment in town and be able to pay rent with no bothers;
- Save up for a trip to UK, for Christmas in Poland, for language certificate and travel to Japan;
- Try new adventures, experiences, new food and gain new skills;
- Baking and cooking more!
- Get a bike;
- Try at least a month at the gym;
- Try to accept myself more;
- Be happy!

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