Mar 18, 2014

Problems solved, different problems appeared.

Hello :-)

    Thank you for your last comments. I've had enough time to think about few things which was bothering me last times. I've made a decision already and I am happy cause of it. I've decided to go to the Netherlands with my friend from college to work for the whole summer. I would like to save up as much as I can and get some work experience abroad. If I'd enjoy that I will repack myself in Poland and go to UK to visit my dear friends in there and maybe look for some job :) Then time will show I guess.. If I find something I'd stay for a bit in there before moving to Ireland, to explore some places and get work experience in UK. If I decide to continue my studies on MA degree there will be some possible way to do it in Poland cause am gonna apply for MA before leaving to Holland.
   So... I will inform you what am gonna do, what I want to see and what I've seen already :) What is - in your mind - worth exploring in the Netherlands? Am waiting for your suggestions :)

   For new beginning I've decided to change something. I went to the hairdresser to get new hairstyle. This is the result:
 Sorry for no make-up, am too lazy to do it last times but I wanna back to some light make-up (only on my eyes) as I really like result of using mascara and some light eye shadows :)

    Some of you knows I am on diet since a month. I can see some results of it - maybe not too big but this time I would like to lose weight slowly.

edited: 18.03.2014

    Bad news coming. Didn't think it could be that bad. Well first some good news: Yesterday we have been to Gliwice for an interview for summer work in Holland. It went quite good. That's all good news for today.

    I've been to gynecologist yesterday to find out hows my blood results and stuff connected with removing erosion. Well, the erosion thing gonna be removed next Thursday - am happy and scary as heck.
What about the blood exams.. Well.. My amount of hormones are way too high - it means another few blood exams and If the result still will be that bad I will get a referral to the hospital for head resonance.. to find out if i have adenoma!!!!! Can you believe that? Whole your life u pass ill people on the streets eeryday with a hope u never get any sickness like that.. Then you get such a news! :/ So nervous, so angry, so lonely with that. Of course it's only one of the possibilites but how it sounds!? Hard times before me..

More about too much prolactin here:
English version
Polish version

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  1. po pierwsze spróbuj nie denerwować się zanim nie dostaniesz wyników badań (chociaż wiem, że to niełatwe :( wyczułam kiedyś guzka w piersi i czułam się jakby normalnie kostucha mi chuchała w kark, na szczęście to był gruczolakowłókniak, a nie zmiana nowotworowa), trzymaj się! trzymam kciuki,a nowa fryzura jest ekstra! :)