Oct 23, 2012

practise english

Hi everyone :)

     I decided to write in english by now. The reason is simple - I'd like to improve my english by that and  i'd like my friends from Ireland to understand what I want to say. But still the most important reason is to improve my language skills, so just keep calm and take it easy when I'll do a lot of mistakes, I hope with the time will be better :) We'll see how long I can get something over you in english language. 

    My adventure with this language took place when I was 8. In the Primary school i've had some english class but it was very basic u know, first words, first sentences.. nothing special - like always for kids. In High school level of english was more different than before, but still it was like learn english in polish language.

I know it sounds really strange, but in Poland is normal, that we're learning english in polish. I mean during lesson teacher still speak in polish, explain english words in polish etc. and we've never spoke in english to each other  and with the teacher. 

Sometimes teacher say something in english ut 5 minutes after teacher just translate everything to polish. Is it make a sense?I've to say that in exchange for hours which I spent on the computer to playing international games I've learnt english better than during all my time in school.

     According to myself I'm still learning english but at home or just writing with my friends from Ireland and still improving my english. I'm reading english books really often and try to translate words which I don't know.I hope by means of that I'll develop myself and it help me to find some job in Ireland next summer. As for my stay in Poland till June - I hope time will going fast and my visit in Ireland in February before summer will be grand :)

I can't wait for this moment when I'll be on the airport in Wroclaw and when I just depart from here to Cork. But now I need to live like before when I was in Poland, and slow n slow I get used to boring life here really fast.

Well.. that's all for my first time in english.

I hope it's not that bad how I feel that actually is.

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