Apr 17, 2018

San Francisco & Los Angeles

Such a fascinating 3 hours of waiting for the most - I think - overrated attraction in SF.

 Every country has its own bird, right?
 Pier 36

 SF's Pier

 Departing to see Golden Gate Bridge

 And.. there it is!


 As seen from far.. view for San Francisco outskirts

 Let's see a bit of buildings..
 Lombard Street

 Halfmoon Bay

 On the way to LA...

 There it goes!

 Venice Beach

Time to rest..

 Welcome to Hollywood

 Beverly Hills

 China Town

 On the way to Universal Studio 

 Greetings from me and Donkey

Mar 7, 2018

Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon

In this post I would like to share some pictures from Nevada and Arizona. We had an amazing time and I have to admit I kinda fell in love in those mars look-a-like views and daily warm sun. 
We start at the Hoover Dam. 
 Hoover Dam it is. 

 Well deserved ice cream in Vegas.

 On the way to Grand Canyon. I just love this picture. It is so American like, haha!

 Indian village

 And finally South Rim

 Tiny bit of Vegas.. No time to explore so I must come back.